How to Lose Weight - Losing Weight With Fiber Foods

If you consume half a cup of blueberries you will have an additional 2 grams of fiber plus a high dose of antioxidants. There are many ways you can get these fiber foods. And in this article I will show good foods that can give you fiber and how fiber foods can help you lose weight with ease.

The recommended amount of daily fiber is 25-35 grams if you want to lose weight fast. If you are not use to eating fruits and vegetable, which are the major sources of fiber foods, this may sound like a lot of animal food. But you need fiber to lose weight and to help your digestive system. This is how it works. If you consume fiber it goes into your system and it become gel-like in your intestines, which is a good thing. It stops cholesterol and saturated fats from getting absorbed into your bloodstream. And when this happens continuously there will be low fat into your body, making you to lose weight. Adding fiber to your meals helps in many ways apart from weight loss. It also help regulates blood sugar. It can also add years to your life by protecting you from colon cancer and heart diseases because it helps clear cholesterol from your heart and other part of the body

These foods contain a lot of fiber, blueberries, dried cherries, pine nuts, artichoke hearts, dried figs, dry roasted mixed nuts or pumpkin seeds. These all have over 4.9 grams of fiber per serving. You can make these fiber foods into salad or eat them with other meals. For example make a spinach salad for lunch or dinner and in just one cup of plain baby spinach you have 6 grams of fiber. Make some carrots, radishes, artichoke hearts and celery into salad and you have a full day’s recommended amount of fiber.

Fiber foods are very important to the body, if you consume a lot of it those weight will fall of with easy and your heart will pump well and your body will work well and disease like colon cancer will not come near you and you will be healthy.

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